Flight Permit and Ground Handling

  •  Overfly and Landing Permits
  • Special Indonesian Domestic Permit
  • Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Assistance
  •  Aircraft Movement Control and Flight Following
  • Fuel Uplift
  • Catering Requirements
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Crew Transportation
  • Security Service
  • Magazines and Aircraft Supplies

VIP Handling & Medical Evacuation

Our unique VIP Passenger Service is unrivalled in the business aviation industry.

This 24 hour VIP service is designed to assist you through every stage of your travel itinerary, whether it is passenger service, baggage handling, passport control etc. 

Our professional and competent staff is at hand to guide and direct you as efficiently as possible and make this daunting part of your trip effortless.

Aircraft Management

Aircraft Care

Subscription, Maintenance Control / Reporting
Subscription, Maintenance Control / Reporting
Storage Management Space
Subscription, Maintenance Control / Reporting

Aircraft Interior & Exterior Cleaning Services

A squeaky-clean exterior conveys that very important first impression and immediately reflects your image, thus it is vital to select the company that understands the importance of always looking your best.We at Karisma Flight Support offer a variety of exterior cleaning services, from pit stop cleaning to complete turnaround detailing, includes fuselage, wings, empennage, undercarriage, landing gear, gear wells, removal of fluid, hydraulic and oil build-ups.

  • Quick Turn Around Services
  • Aircraft Waxing
  • Brightworks Polishing & Sealing
  • Aircraft Paint Restoration & Polishing

Worldwide Flight Support

As plane flies abroid, so as our support reach world wide.

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